Dear ClearView Congregation and community;

After prayer and consideration, staff and council have decided that in light of the present public health issues related to COVID-19 and it now being characterized as a pandemic, we will cancel our worship service this Sunday.  As we have recently been considering how we can love others, the obvious though strange answer at this time is by staying apart. We have a calling to take our place in helping stop the spread of COVID-19 and the consistent advice is “practice social distancing.”  

Most ministries have already planned a pause for March Break.  We will extend this action and cancel all services, ministry events and meetings until further notice. As you are likely experiencing, this news is happening fast and so we commit to keeping you informed as things progress.

As for smaller gatherings, like home groups, please use your discretion. Ontario Public Health recommends that if you feel ill, to stay home; wash your hands thoroughly and regularly; stay out of large gatherings; and if you have travelled, self-isolate. If someone in your small group is concerned, please cancel.  Consider staying in contact by phone or online.

We are making this move to help our broader community keep this from becoming a bigger deal. This is our ounce of prevention. As we do this, let’s not ignore the greater needs in our community.  Let’s look for opportunities to share the love of Jesus by caring for those around us, by checking in on our neighbours and by stepping in when the Spirit prompts us.

In the meantime, staff will discuss ways to encourage you to continue your spiritual practices and find ways to worship even when we can’t all be together.  Please use this time to pay attention to what Jesus, the Word, is saying to you and how the Holy Spirit is prompting you and use your personal and family devotional practices to sustain you. Feel free to contact staff as an online resource.  We will continue to communicate with you as plans unfold. Please share this information with anyone you think may not receive communication directly from us.

Grace and peace to you all,

Pastor Erick Schuringa