January Justice Series

Each January we take time at the outset of a new year to challenge ourselves to discern our calling to be agents of God’s justice in every square inch - our church, our homes, our workplaces, our studies, and our world. This year the Mission Team is inviting ClearView into a conversation around reconciliation. As the world around us (including within the church) grows increasingly polarized, we will be exploring what Biblical reconciliation means – within the body of Christ, with respect to the growing housing access crisis in Ontario and Canada, and in our personal and national relationships with Canada’s Indigenous Peoples.  


Justice Series ‘Ambassadors of Reconciliation’ Calendar of Events


January 2 - Introduction to Series -Pastor Phil Reinders

January 9 - Reconciliation in the Body of Christ - Kevin DeRaaf (Resonate Global)

January 13 - Thursday Justice Film Night 

January 16 - Reconciliation and Canada’s Housing Crisis - Jeff Neven (Indwell) 

 Special dedication of quilts for the new Indwell residence in Mississauga

January 20 - Thursday Justice Film Night 

January 23 - Reconciliation and Canada’s Indigenous People - Cheryl Bear 

January 27 - Thursday Justice Film Night

January 30 - Going Forth to Live as Ambassadors of Reconciliation - Marco Vergara

Ongoing  - Digital Connect Groups