Naming our losses and griefs is a vitally important piece of discipleship, bringing our whole selves to God (including all our emotions – the bright and sunny parts along with the ugly, shadowy stuff). This practice has a long history in the church’s worship, the practice of lament (but we’ve mostly neglected and forgotten it).

During the COVID-19 pandemic we are facing mounting losses and a wide cultural trauma, making the practice of lament a vital part of healthy discipleship. We won’t experience a fullness of life by denying what’s wrong and repressing our grief but by bringing our anger and frustration over all that’s wrong to God who hears it, carries it and does something with it – God has this habit of bringing life out of all the dead and dark places we face.

In this video Pastor Phil talks briefly about a simple exercise to help you name your losses and griefs to God. You can find a link to a document containing this exercise below the video.

And here is the link to the exercise.