Summer Church

Register for Summer Church HERE. (To comply with government guidelines and to limit the number of people safely gathering, we ask that you only attend an outdoor service after you've secured a spot through our registration process.)


What is Summer Church?

Summer Church is an in-person gathering of 20-30 adults and children, families or singles, to simply be the church together.

Summer Churches will…

  • Gather in a backyard or local park
  • Worship, Read Scripture, Pray & Practice Hospitality
  • Be facilitated by a team of leaders
  • Connect with God, with others and with our community
  • A safe place for face-to-face fellowship and worship


Can I help or contribute?

Yes! We’re looking to start 4 (or more) Summer Church locations for July and August. We’ll need leaders to facilitate the sermon discussion plus lots of eager participants to help play musical instruments or explain the offering, lead in prayer, take a turn helping the kids, etc.

We also need people with good administrative skills to communicate with the groups - where to go, what time, who is leading what, etc.

We are the body of Christ and Summer Church is going to be an  amazing opportunity to gather in person - with everyone pitching in to be the church together.

How do I sign up?

The Summer Churches are going to be organized according to geographic region. Each week a sign up will be available in the E-News. We are hoping and praying for a minimum of  25 people per group, but much will depend on Covid regulations and government restrictions. This means that weekly you will need to indicate your intention to attend. All the sign up details will be available in the Thursday e-News as well as on the website.



Will services continue online? Yes! For the months of July and August, we will continue to pre-record services and upload them to YouTube. They will go live at 10 am on Sunday morning just like they have been for the past year. However, we do hope you’ll give Summer Church a try. Nothing beats in-person community - and we’ve got a great one!

How do I find a Summer Church location? We currently have 4 Summer Church locations: Glen Abbey/West Oak Trails, College Park, /Falgarwood (family friendly site), and Bronte/Burlington. If we have more leaders who volunteer, other locations may be added. If you live in proximity to these locations, you can sign up using the weekly link in the e-News to the one nearest you.

What time does Summer Church start? What day of the week will it be? If it is outdoors, what about the weather?

All great questions! The Summer Church leaders will choose a start time as well as day of the week. However, our best guess is that the leaders are going to choose a day and time that is going to work best for the majority of those who live in their area or who have signed up to attend. If the forecast is for really hot weather, the leaders will choose a location with lots of shade. If thunderstorms are predicted, the plans can be adjusted accordingly. The good news is, each Summer Church will be equipped with a strong administrator who will communicate in plenty of time with all those who have signed up to attend.

Why do I have to sign up each week? Due to Covid restrictions and government regulations, we need to be cognizant of the number of people who can safely gather at one location. We anticipate that there will be lots of people interested so sign up will need to be on a first come-first serve basis. We’re also aware that it’s summer time and people may be away on vacation; there may be some fluidity in the groups. Big picture, we want as many people as possible to be able to join in on this in-person worship experience. We believe that in community we learn and grow our lives with Christ much better than we do on our own. Our hope and prayer is that you’ll sign up and give Summer Church a try.

What do I do with my kids? The beauty about Summer Church is that kids of all ages (teens, too!) are more than welcome. In fact, we’re hoping that they will be able to help participate in the service by reading scripture or, contribute to the song selection, perhaps even join in prayer. We believe that children and youth are a vital part of the body of Christ so we want their participation just as much as any one else’s. We will also have resources and special activities created by Kristy Dodd, our Children’s Director, for preschool and elementary aged children.

How will the “message” portion of the service work? Each week, the message is pre-recorded and uploaded to YouTube. All the Summer Church leaders will be sent the pre-recording to listen and reflect on. A series of questions will be provided to the Summer Church leaders so they can facilitate a conversation about the scripture reading and sermon. The Summer Church leaders will also be attending training sessions for the month of June to practice how to lead Summer Church and facilitate the conversations well.

What is the summer sermon series going to be called? Here’s the update - right from Pastor Phil’s desk…

The Psalms: Summer Playlist  It’s summer - time to lose the shoes, roll down the windows, feel the wind in your face or through your hair (if you’ve got it), and cue the summer tunes. What’s your favourite summer jam? There’s something about a summer song that makes the experiences of summer that much sweeter. For July and August, we’re going to explore our own Summer Playlist from the Psalms. The book of Psalms was the songbook of Jesus and is the soundtrack for the life of faith, with biblical tracks that speak to a wide variety of emotions and experiences - from bust-out joy to wisdom for living to smoking anger - “an anatomy of all parts of the soul” that teaches us how to respond to God.