Photo of the Vergara Family

Marco and Laura Vergara were both born in Colombia, but due to the political and social situation, their families moved to Canada and the USA respectively. As young adults, both Marco and Laura came to a saving faith and since then have desired to work and serve the Lord through ministries to children, youth, the homeless, church plants, Spanish sermon translation and various worship teams. The Vergaras were married in 2009 and have three children, Jacob, Thomas and Lana.     

The Vergaras are excited about the opportunity to move back to Colombia and be used by God as they serve in a church in Bogota, the capital city.  Marco will be working with the worship and music ministry, providing training, leading and administration. Laura will be working with children and mothers in the church, facilitating groups to support families as they raise their children. Laura will also oversee the children’s ministry and Vacation Bible School.

Call to Ministry

The decision to leave Canada with their young family and serve in Colombia is one that has been Spirit led. A few years ago they heard a sermon that really changed their perspective about how to serve Christ:  “The gospel is the life of Jesus working in and through us.” The Vergaras recognized that God calls us to be the vehicle of His love poured out into this world and that the Christian life is more than just devotion and disciplines.  

Their desire to serve was complemented by two other pillars that they’d been praying for and faithfully saw God answer: to establish them in a church of “doers of the Word”, and to provide mentors to help them walk their journey.

That’s how Marco and Laura ended up in ClearView Church in Oakville where they met a missionary couple who encouraged them to take courses that would shape their view of mission and God’s plan for the nations. This led to a month in Israel where the Vergaras served as a family during the grape harvest season.

After arriving home from Israel, Marco was invited to join a missionary trip to Villavicencio, Colombia. During this time the Confraternidad Church in Bogota held a meeting to discuss a new plan for the church and expressed the intention of bringing a family on board to support the training of leaders and to enlarge the vision of missions. An invitation was extended to the Vergaras for a three-year period that they have accepted.

There is a tremendous amount of excitement about this upcoming opportunity, but the logistics of this significant life transition has posed some challenges, particularly uprooting their young family. They are trusting God completely and willingly submit to where He has called them and His timing, recognizing that He has knit together all these details.

This is a call the Vergara’s believe is not only for them, but one that is placed on the life of every believer: we are all missionaries in this world. That is the nature of the call of those of us who are in Christ. “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” The fields are ready but the labourers are few.  

The Vergaras continue to prepare for this move, supported by their home church and others who trust in the Lord and believe in His promises.

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