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Love Letters

July 22, 2018
We all face trials, some more significant than others. In life and in death, the Bible gives us comfort through Christ so we can be patient when things go against…


July 15, 2018
Judgmentalism is condemning other people’s faults while downplaying our own, creating a sense of moral superiority. How can we as Christians become less judgmental?
Grace is more than just a gift to the undeserving. It also equips us for service and gives us strength for the journey of life.
Why has lament fallen out of favour? What do we lose when we lose lament? Jesus came to show us how to be human. Lament is part of being human.
How can we became more faithful in the area of prayer? We look to the master himself, Jesus, who provides several examples of how we can live a prayer-filled life.

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