Jesus calls us not to worry, and He connects that to teachings about giving, prayer, fasting and what we treasure. What does the investment of my heart have to do…
Jesus begins the Sermon on the Mount by telling us to "let your light shine before others so they can see your good works". But now He tells us don't…
If we are called to love our neighbours AND our enemies, then that is a radical call. And if you take the call seriously, it will make some people very…
The Pharisees were rigorous in keeping the law. But Jesus takes a swipe at them by suggesting they are not the example to follow, but instead the low-bar minimum to…

A Spirit of Change

June 9, 2019
There's an impulse in us to try to predict and manage God's Spirit. But the Spirit is surprising and unpredictable; sometimes it's subtle, and, other times, impossible to miss.
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