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Our story is about Jesus healing a man with leprosy, which seems like a pretty amazing but rather straightforward story. However, there is more than a physical healing taking place…
After Jesus goes public with his identity and mission, he begins to call a bunch of unlikely people to follow him. What might a call from Jesus look like and…


September 16, 2018
To love or not to love? For Christians, there is no question. According to the beloved disciple John, we have been loved by God and must respond by loving our…
Who is Jesus? I order for us to understand our own mission here on earth, we need to be clear on who Jesus is and what His mission was.


September 2, 2018
What do you think heaven will be like? In Luke 20, Jesus corrects some misguided thinking about life after death and opens the door for us to rethink our perceptions…

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