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We believe going small is the way to grow strong and deep in Jesus, that followers of Jesus flourish in faith when they belong, are known and grow in small groups of trust and care.


Imagine just 12 people - as many as you can fit around a table - that's the type of community that has always changed lives. Together, reading and reflecting on scripture, praying, sharing life. Christianity was never only a set of ideas or a code of behaviour. It was always a community living out the way of Jesus together.


We're redesigning the patterns of our church life to organize around small group ministry to deepen our commitment to Jesus and practice living as He did. We envision LifeGroups to be intergenerational groups of people who live in the same geographic area. Life Groups will gather weekly to read scripture, pray, fellowship and serve. Each week will be an opportunity to gather in Christian community so all belong, are known and grow as followers of Christ.


3 pillars & 3 Cs Worship, Disciple and Bless will be the core components of LifeGroups. They are expressed through Christ-centered content, Connection and Community Christ-centered content - LifeGroups are centered on Christ, growing followers of Jesus through reading Scripture, prayer, mutual encouragement and support Connection - LifeGroups will worship, practice hospitality and care for one another in practical ways (prayers, meals, service, etc.) Community - LifeGroups will bless their local neighbours and neighbourhoods in intentional ways (serve local needs in neighbourhood, partner with local organizations, engage with nearby schools or community centers, etc.)


Up, In, Out are the values that will inform LifeGroups. By the power of the Holy Spirit, lives will be transformed to create a community where one is both discipled and learns to make disciples.


UP - Movement Toward God In a LifeGroup, people will experience a safe place to grow their love for God. Through scripture reading, prayer, conversation and more, LifeGroups explore what it means to know, serve and worship the one true God.


IN - Movement Toward God’s People In a LifeGroup, people learn to love one another. This means listening to one another’s stories, sharing one another's burdens, praying for each other, and forgiving each other as Christ forgave them.


OUT - Movement Toward God’s Mission As the family of God, we live in a particular time and place for a specific purpose. Each LifeGroup will pray and listen for the leading of God’s Spirit regarding a unique purpose or shared mission within their local neighbourhoods.