Live to the Lord

August 12, 2018
Jesus told us not to judge. That is difficult and challenging, mostly because we are rather good at judging. How do we grow in taming this part of our life…
It's a phrase we hear quite often: "That's not fair!" So how should we as humans respond to wrongdoing in this world? And what is God's role in bringing forth…

The Other

July 29, 2018
We all have 'others' in our lives. These are people who aren't like us -- people we don't like, don't trust and don't understand. We might conclude that these people…

Love Letters

July 22, 2018
We all face trials, some more significant than others. In life and in death, the Bible gives us comfort through Christ so we can be patient when things go against…


July 15, 2018
Judgmentalism is condemning other people’s faults while downplaying our own, creating a sense of moral superiority. How can we as Christians become less judgmental?

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